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    Style Guide

    At SOUTHCOTT we believe that shape [not size] should inspire your best clothing selections. So, we created a line that is designed to help every woman find her “perfect” fit. Our styles are designed with one of four body shapes in mind. As you shop our site, you will see that each style description includes a “shape”. If you type your shape in the search bar you will see all of the styles we have for YOU. Not sure what shape you are? No problem... You might just have to spend a little more time exploring your perfect fit!


    small-framed + well proportioned

    asschers tend to wear clothes easily, choose simple styles and adore fun detailing.


    slender + busty

    emeralds are long-legged ladies who wear structured styles with sharp tailoring and classic design.


    narrow shoulders + lean upper body

    trillions have bigger booties, enjoy asymmetric lines and rock styles that show off their collarbones.


    curvy + voluptuous

    ovals are drawn to open necklines, 3/4 length sleeves and draping in the mid-section.

    All styles available in sizes 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 [XS-XL] 
    Outerwear sized 0-2 [S | M] 2-4 [M | L]

    All styles made of bamboo cotton stretch jersey except as noted