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    About Southcott 

    Imagine the best elements of your favorite t-shirts combined into one perfect tee. Meet Southcott – a line of luxury t-shirts and dresses that fit well, are comfy, not clingy, not see-through, and made from great, quality fabric. Created by Amy Graham, who merged her love of fashion with 20+ years of business experience, making the perfect tee available to every woman.

    Amy’s designs are inspired by women’s body types, with her extensive research revealing 4 distinct shapes. Celebrating the fact that women are each spectacularly unique, Amy has named the 4 shapes after cuts of diamonds. Different styles have been created to fit each of these shapes, high quality fabrics have been chosen, and Amy has struck t-shirt gold.
    Make way for the Asscher, Emerald, Oval, and Trillion collections. We hope you enjoy shopping your shape!

    About the Founder & Designer

    Amy Graham grew up in El Paso, Texas, and graduated from SMU with a BA in Finance. After completing the management development program at GE Capital Corp, Amy then attended the University of Southern California, receiving her MBA with an emphasis in Marketing. For the next 22 years, Amy held various roles in sales and marketing for the Coca-Cola Company. In January of 2015, she decided to pursue her own business. Quickly identifying a need for a good quality t-shirt that is both flattering and comfortable, Amy solidified the concept for Southcott Threads. After much research on women’s clothing, fabric, fit and comfort, Amy launched Southcott Threads, llc in September 2015, with numerous designs of t-shirts as well as adding dresses to the line for summer/fall 2016. Amy and her husband John (Southcott) Graham live in Dallas with their 4 children.


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